Advantages of our colors

Corrosion resistance, UV and frost

Resistance to mechanical damage

Not hazardous to health

Slovak production

Own development and production

Environmentally friendly production

The Products

Thermoplastic powder paints are made on the basis of modified polyethylene and are specially developed to provide a long-term, protective surface layer of cast iron, galvanized steel both indoors and outdoors.

Methods of applying colors
  • Fluidly
  • Electrostatically

PE Powder Coating Examples

Plumbing Fixtures and Pipes

Our powder paints are certified for contact with drinking water and food and are environmentally friendly.

Wire Shelves and Baskets

We offer a whole range of polyethylene powder paints for the surface treatment of wire products.

Handrails and Brackets

It provides a long-term surface treatment of metals and gives the best thermal comfort to the touch.

Steel products

The KPE 03 material was specially developed for the surface treatment of steel products.

Fences and Fence Posts

The surface of the fence must be durable with excellent adhesion and, of course, aesthetic in terms of color and gloss.

Garden Furniture

Polyethylene powder paint has excellent resistance to UV radiation and salt.

Urban furniture, children's playgrounds

Our paint can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, exposed to all elements.

Building industry

Building structures, steel beams and frames must be well protected against rusting and external conditions for a long time.

Automobile industry

The automotive industry requires long-lasting and long-lasting paints, they are mainly used for car battery boxes.

Micromill develops and manufactures Polyethylene powders
Our company Micromill was originally part of Celloplastica, an Italian company involved in the development and production of polyethylene (PE) compounds for over 40 years. In 2007, it was moved to Slovakia and renamed Micromill SK. We continue the long-standing tradition of developing and producing PE mixtures. In the company, we are constantly developing new products according to the requirements.

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